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Hi, my name is Marc de Bruin

I am passionate about transforming your counselling supervision experience into one that truly supports growth, in both your professional and personal life. I bring a unique combination of legal insight, counselling expertise, and an understanding of the challenges and goals that we, as counsellors, navigate daily.

As an advocate for our profession’s critical role in the mental health industry, my vision is to see counselling nationally recognised and integrated within the existing healthcare system. By adding counsellors and psychotherapists to the existing pool of federally recognised mental health providers, it can be ensured that every individual has access to the mental health support they need, regardless of their circumstances.
By offering a supervision experience that is authentic, transparent, and unique, my goal is to inspire, empower, and equip you to fulfil (and hopefully exceed!) your clinical and professional goals.

Whether you’re in search of one-on-one sessions for personalised guidance or prefer the collective learning experience of group supervision, I am here to support your journey toward becoming -and being- successful in your own practice as a counsellor and practice owner, and to make a valuable contribution to the mental health field, so we can all grow our reach, and make a difference.


As Counselling Supervisor, I work globally by means of conducting 1-1 and group supervision sessions face-to-face, as well via Teams, Zoom and phone. As an experienced counsellor and ex-lawyer, I can help you work through and find solutions for the topics and challenges related to building and running a successful and fulfilling counselling practice.


I practice counselling supervision differently, from a transpersonal, “bigger picture” perspective. If you are up for another angle to supervision and get a better result in your counselling practice, we should meet for a coffee or tea to discuss your counselling supervision needs. I am Level 4 ACA Accredited with experience in the field since 2005, and can also provide supervision for PACFA registered counsellors.


I can assist you with ‘simplifying life’, allowing you to increase your professional (and personal) reach, effectiveness and career satisfaction. The aim is to help you build and sustain a long-term, fulfilling counselling practice, where you can make a meaningful difference to an ever-growing client base. Simple is powerful, and usually very effective.


Counselling Supervision Model

I practice counselling supervision via the “Rise Up” model, developed by Philip Armstrong, former CEO of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). This supervision model consists of four important steps:

  1. Identifying possible mental and/or emotional health issues for the supervisee. Discussing this step will allow you to have a long and productive career as a practical and functional therapist.
  2. Challenging the counsellor-supervisee’s use of theories, modalities and ethics in relationship to the client. The purpose of this step helps you to learn and expand your knowledge base of theory and practical applications.
  3. Assisting the counsellor-supervisee to develop further as a professional within the accepted guidelines via self-reflection. This is an obvious element of quality control, necessary within the profession, that will enhance your legal and ethical practice skills.
  4. Providing the counsellor-supervisee with business-building skills and career development opportunities. This step will allow you to become a well-rounded, well-respected professional with the industry.

Supervision Formats

At the core of my mission lies the commitment to exceed the traditional expectations of counselling supervision. I understand that the journey of a counsellor involves continuous learning, personal growth, and the challenges of building a practice that not only meets your financial goals but also provides you with a career and business that is fulfilling and enjoyable. My supervision services are designed to address your needs, whether you’re seeking to deepen your clinical skills, navigate the complexities of the counselling industry, or grow your practice into a successful business. Counselling supervision is available in one-on-one sessions, group sessions, or a combination.

Group Supervision

My Group Supervision sessions offer a dynamic and cost-effective way to fulfil your supervision requirements while benefiting from the collective wisdom of a diverse group of peers. Capped at 10 participants, these sessions encourage interaction, allowing you to explore a wide range of topics and perspectives. This setting is ideal if you’re in the early stages of your practice, enjoy learning from the experiences of others, or are seeking professional supervision at a reduced rate. My approach to group supervision is unique; it’s not just about accruing hours but about engaging in meaningful discussions that resonate with your specific needs and challenges as a counsellor.

One-on-one Supervision

My Individual Supervision sessions are tailored to provide in-depth, personalised support, allowing us to develop a strong supervisory relationship. This one-on-one format is designed to focus intensely on your unique needs, challenges, and goals as a counsellor, offering laser-focused insights and strategies to help you thrive both clinically and in your counselling business. I consistently use the “Rise Up” model within our sessions, emphasising mental and emotional health, challenging and expanding your theoretical and practical knowledge, and enhancing your professional development and business skills.

Create a thriving practice filled with clients you love working with

My one-on-one and group supervision sessions go beyond traditional supervision, providing you with the tools, strategies, and support to establish a successful practice. Drawing upon my extensive experience in law, business, and counselling, I offer practical advice, from attracting and retaining clients to setting and aligning your pricing with the value you provide. We address common industry pain points, including discomfort with discussing finances and marketing your services effectively.

Supervision Delivery

Both one-on-one and group supervision can be delivered face-to-face at Marc’s Sippy Downs QLD office, via Zoom Video Conferencing, or via phone.

Supervision Session Fees

At the moment, Marc charges AUD$95 (incl. of GST) for one-to-one, or AUD$55 (incl. of GST) per hour for 2-hour group supervision sessions. Supervision sessions generally go for 55 minutes.


Qualifications & Special Interest Areas

Supervision Made Simple

Counselling supervision is essential to protect the client, and to improve your skill set and ability to assist your clients. Counselling supervisors serve as mentors and provide guidance, information and emotional support.
Counselling supervision is used to, among others:

  • Review counsellors’ professional practice
  • Manage counsellors’ caseloads effectively
  • Develop counsellors’ therapeutic and professional skills
  • Create awareness of counsellors’ own responses to their counselling work
  • Promote counsellors’ self-care and resilience
  • To deepen counsellors’ skills and knowledge, so they become better practitioners

It is widely acknowledged that counsellors benefit from having regular professional supervision. This is true for both beginning and more experienced counsellors. The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) recommends one hour of supervision for every 10 hours of client contact. A minimum of 10 hours supervision is required to maintain ACA membership.

If you want to ensure that you establish and run an effective and successful counselling practice, maintain good work-life balance and prevent burn-out, supervision is key.

Finding a good counselling supervisor can be hard, and there are many supervisors available.

I have been working as a mental health professional since 2005. Previously, I built a career as barrister and solicitor in my former home country, the Netherlands. I hold a Master of Counselling from the University of the Sunshine Coast, and am a level 4 Registered Counsellor with the ACA and ARCAP. I am also registered with the ACA College of Supervisors. My legal and business background, combined with many years of counselling practice with thousands of clients -and a transpersonal (even spiritual) worldview- makes me a valuable partner in supervision conversations. I have been trained in, and utilise the “Rise Up” model of Supervision, developed by ACA’s former CEO Dr. Philip Armstrong.

If you are looking for authentic, honest, straightforward, to-the-point and strengths-based counselling supervision “with a twist” to greatly improve your counselling business practice and counselling skills, contact me through the contact form below or via phone or email.


  • EMDR therapist in training (EMDR Institute Aus and NZ)
  • Master of Counselling – University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC)
  • Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness integrated CBT (MiCBT)
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Diploma of Community Services
  • Cert. IV in Training and Education
  • Cert. IV in Small Business Management
  • Master Certificate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Master of Laws (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Special Interest Areas

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness-based CBT (MiCBT)
  • EMDR
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Workplace Counselling
  • Career Transition Counselling
  • Life Phase Transition Counselling
  • Anxiety and Depression Counselling
  • Career Development Counselling


Marc has a wealth of experience as a counsellor, supervisor & presenter. He uses evidence based strategies in his work with both clients & supervisees. Marc is direct, empathic & approachable – a great support for me in beginning my own private practice.

You were and still are one of the smartest and unique people I’ve ever encountered in my search. I’m glad you’re doing what you do. I can only imagine how many lives you’ve helped turn around. You were a pleasure to talk with.

Just wanted to let you know I’m having so much fun working through your PowerPoint of questions and suggestions to set up business, identify niche clients, making avatars etc.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Thank you again for your very practical presentation yesterday – I have a lot of takeaways from it!

Thank you for your talk today. I found the content to be really informative and has given me some areas to reflect on whilst developing my private practice.

Fantastic lecture, learned so much

Thank you for your session today. I certainly got many hints and tips.

So enjoyed your talk. Great practical and useful info! I am already thinking about my target clients!

Thank you so much for your Amazing workshop, I was so encouraged to fine tune everything in respect of my Counselling practice. Love to have a copy of your slide show, there are really good ideas in it and I enjoyed your presentation, it was very much to the point and encouraging


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