Tips to deal with financial insecurity

Financial insecurity as counsellor is not a great feeling, and not good for your overall confidence, either. Here are some tips to deal with the insecurity that has to do…
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Therapist in a session with a new client

Should I just fill my practice with any type of client when I’m starting?

Should I just fill my practice with any type of client when I’m starting? I need cash so surely any clients are better than no clients?? Many counsellors (beginning as…
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Woman hiking living her values

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Basics

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), developed by Steven C. Hayes and others in the late 20th century, represents a significant evolution in the cognitive-behavioural tradition of psychotherapy. Grounded in empirical…
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I’m not a good counsellor; clients will soon find out!

We all know it as counsellors! Imposter syndrome… That dreaded monster. Impostor syndrome, also known as impostor phenomenon, is that psychological pattern in which individuals doubt their skills, accomplishments, or…
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a female counsellor being her authentic self

Authenticity is key

As ex-lawyer, I have a particular style of counselling. I guess you can call it “directive”. I have a tendency to psycho-educate a lot, and will sometimes definitely “suggest” to…
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Therapist at her desk wondering where to get clients from

I opened my private practice this week; so now what?? How do I get clients??

Oh boy, does this make me think back of my early years in coaching (I worked as a life coach before I integrated counselling into it). I did it all…
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The benefits of Group Supervision

We all know that 1-1 supervision allows you and I to discuss specific elements of your counselling practice in-depth. Group supervision is often more “generic”. Interestingly, though, a paper by…
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Female counsellor journalling

Daily Habits for Counselling Practice Success

Ever wondered what sets better counsellors apart from run-of-the-mills ones? It’s not just about fancy degrees or years of experience (although those certainly help!). It’s about the daily habits and…
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therapy session with teenager

Clients don’t expect you to be perfect

If you think that clients expect you to be the consummate practitioner, who has to know it all, you will get in your own way at an unsustainable level! I…
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Young woman in a counselling session smiling at the therapist

What does being a good counsellor even mean??

In my many discussions with new and seasoned counsellors, there is nearly always a point where the counsellor remarks “I’m not even sure if I’m good enough at this”. Some…
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